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Step into a new era of agriculture with ProGro Bio's pioneering solutions. We're redefining the landscape of farming, offering innovative solutions designed for a sustainable and productive future. Explore our groundbreaking offerings that promise to transform the way you cultivate the land, ensuring a harvest that's not just abundant but also environmentally conscious. Join us in sowing the seeds of change as we cultivate tomorrow's harvest together.

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Rhizol microbes fortify soil ecosystems, enhancing natural defenses against pathogens and nematodes.


Rhizol promotes enhanced root growth, improving nutrient absorption and water retention for healthier growth.


Rhizol unlocks soil-bound nutrients, empowering plants to yield more nutritious crops and sustained growth.

Revolutionizing Enhanced Soil Biodiversity

Rhizol: A 100% all-natural, organically certifiable, non-GMO microbial soil amendment. Pioneering with 35 diverse microbial isolates, it's proven effective in 30 US crops, promoting growth, increasing soil health, and perpetuating drought resistance. This water-soluble powder is a cutting-edge breakthrough in sustainable agriculture, activating nature's defenses against pathogens and offering excellent nitrogen-fixing capabilities.

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Proven Science & Results

At ProGro Bio, our commitment to excellence is rooted in rigorous scientific exploration and tangible outcomes. Backed by decades of meticulous research, Rhizol, our flagship product, embodies the synergy between cutting-edge science and practical success. With 35 diverse probiotic microbes, Rhizol has undergone extensive testing across 30 different crops in the United States, demonstrating its unwavering efficacy in enhancing plant growth, fortifying soil health, and instigating a resilient natural defense against soil-borne threats. Our journey is defined by the fusion of proven science with undeniable results, paving the way for a sustainable and prosperous future in agriculture.

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