How we do what we do

Harnessing the Power of Unique Microbial Science

Microbes — such as bacteria and fungi —are microscopic, single-celled organisms that live in the soil —from the deep tropics to the freezing arctic.Nature's microbes regenerate soils, fight soilborne diseases andnematodes, nourish plants, and work with plant roots in a mutuallybeneficial symbiotic relationship.Sourced for over four decades,our formulations mark a crucial shift towards regenerative agriculture.

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Our Revolutionary Product: Rhizol

The name Rhizol is inspired by the soil layer known as the Rhizosphere, where plant roots interact with microbial nutrients, potential parasites, organic matter, etc. Rhizol is a 100% all-natural, organically certifiable, non-GMO, and non-carcinogenic product. Its components are naturally found in soil, curated, and delivered organically.

We Combined 35
Powerful Probiotic Microbes
Into A Single Formulation


The most versatile and proven soil amendment on the market

Rhizol activates soil-bound nutrients, enhancing crop nutrition, growth, and yield.

Rhizol resides near plant roots, fostering healthier root systems with improved nutrient absorption.

Rhizol builds robust, natural soil ecosystems, fortifying defenses against pathogens and nematodes.

Rhizol catalyzes soil biodiversity, healing and restoring degraded soil through enhanced microbial activity.