Meet ProGro Bio

ProGro Bio is an American-owned-and-operated, Georgia-based, Ag-Tech microbial sciences company. Our team has vast experience and a successful track record in agricultural microbial research, management and operations. We are revolutionizing agribusiness with 100% all-natural solutions.

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The ProGro Story

ProGro's journey unfolds with our Chief Scientist, Dr. Robert Bruck, whose relentless pursuit of microbial knowledge spans over four decades. Driven by a quest for a holistic solution, he observed the intricacies of the rhizosphere, recognizing the delicate balance between plant and roots. Harvesting microbial genomes globally, he curated a unique blend, culminating in the 2019 breakthrough, Rhizol. Dr. Bruck's exploration of microbial behavior underpins ProGro's commitment to regenerative agriculture. His lifetime dedication converges with ProGro's mission, harmonizing nature and science to rejuvenate soil health, combat climate challenges, and elevate yields sustainably.

Our Executive Team

Blake Young


Barry roberts


Robert bruck PhD

Chief Scientist

Advisory Board

David copeland


Raymond d. Hurt


David Shoemaker


Michael Nicklaus


Dino Sgueglia

Board Director & Advisor